Insurance Policy Review Program

As part of your financial strategy, how important is your family’s Health and Life Insurance protection? Reviewing your current coverage is crucial!

  • Are your goals and current coverage still aligned?
  • Have you had a life-changing event recently in your family?
  • Are your beneficiary designations up to date?

For these reasons and possibly others, consider a complimentary insurance policy review with Patricia Errico.

Why review my insurance policy?

Most people purchase the ‘piece of mind’ once and put their insurance policy away in a safe place, and don’t pay any more attention to it.

Different types of insurance (Term, Universal Life, Whole Life and Variable) are designed to address specific needs. Over time, changes may occur with your coverage needs or the performance of the policy insuring those needs. Like other assets you may own, a life insurance policy really does need to be reviewed to determine whether it still suits your coverage needs and goals, and is performing reasonably well to your expectations.

Updating your life insurance Coverage

As your personal and financial status evolves throughout your life, a periodic review of life insurance coverage can help assure you are appropriately protected. Some of these life-changing events are great reasons to consider a complimentary review:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Retirement
  • Adoption or Birth of a child
  • A New Job or Promotion Resulting in an Increased Standard of Living
  • Increased Debt Burden
  • Financial Planning due to a Recent Death in the Family
  • Ownership of a Business
  • Planning for Retirement
  • New Home Purchase
How can insurance policies performance change?

Many factors can affect the premium cost and performance of a life insurance policy, including:

  • A term insurance policy is reaching the end of its term and premiums will increase substantially
  • New riders may offer more appropriate features, such as Return of Premium or Guaranteed Death Benefit Protection
  • Policies that have premiums based on older (1982) mortality tables will be more expensive than those with premiums based on more recent (2001) mortality tables. As a result, there may be opportunities for greater insurance coverage and lower premiums
  • Policies that were underfunded, or funded with a combination of term and permanent coverage, to keep costs down with the result of longer-than-expected or higher-than-expected premiums
The Patricia Errico Policy Review Process

We offer an insurance policy review at no cost to you. You are not obligated in any way to purchase insurance from Patricia Errico.

We are an independent agency with access to dozens of carriers, products and services.
Your insurance policy review may show your policy is performing as intended, and you should continue to review it on a regular basis or at any life-changing event.

If the review finds any challenges or concerns, we will explain their potential impact. Your policy review may also include recommendations to address the specific challenges uncovered.

Should I surrender or exchange my existing policy for a new one?
  • Any new policy is also likely to have a new contest ability period
  • Surrender charges may be due on an exchange of one contract for another
  • A change in policy may require a physical examination. If you are not in good health, premiums for a new policy may be higher or you may not qualify for coverage at all
  • Surrenders may be taxable. You should consult your own tax professional regarding any liability on surrenders or exchanges of existing policies
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